Specific control through synchronized data


The continuous quality management is essential for the success of your project. Due to part information on a daily basis it is possible to appoint the qualified QA personnel selectively.

The NESTLER System gathers all relevant data. The quality control begins with the raw material and ranges to the final assembly. All material certificates and other certificates are checked from the very start and are stored in the system accessible to all parties involved in the project. Thus they lay the foundation for the further technical documentation.


Exact inspection through current state of knowledge


Via the NESTLERweb the expediters and the qualified QA personnel on site have access to all kind of product information and thus access to drawings, documents and deadlines at any time. They work with the mobile barcode scanners of the NESTLER System which enables them to record the part status and further information (reports, pictures) via scan. After synchronizing the scanner all data are visible in the system. They are at their disposal for the evaluation, processing and forwarding of the data. The web-based availability of the manufacturing documents, no matter at which place and throughout the complete manufacturing process, facilitates the specific approval of the parts and reduces the processing time and with it the following processes essentially.



Significantly lower costs through an optimized work flow

A downstream reporting by means of predefined forms in the NESTLERweb optimizes the processing time of the quality control additionally. Pictures with descriptions and certificates and documents of the relevant component can be retrieved from the system and added to the QM report. The prompt processing of the reports is monitored by the NESTLER System GmbH.

Since the reports are checked by the quality control and the subsequent reports are created promptly a delivery of blocked or non-approved components can be excluded. Advices of amendments, test certificates, material certificates etc. have been recorded, checked formally and stored in a way that they are linked with the relevant components to be produced and are available for the QM at the touch of a button.


An efficient quality control minimizes the costs, detects errors in time and thus avoids delays. 

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