Reliable and comprehensible in detail

For complex and long drawn projects the detailed traceability of all single parts in every stage of the overall process is indispensable. An optimized supply chain management already starts in the planning phase.

All detail drawings are checked for correctness in advance, filed methodically and managed by The NESTLER System. Parts lists, material certificates, QA reports and other related documents can also be stored in the system and linked with the relevant drawings.

At the same time the basic drawings, overviews and assembly drawings can be linked with the relevant detail drawings.

So it is clear at any time to what extent the detailing per cube or assembly/phase of construction has been completed.

Barcodes automatically integrated in the headers support the further manufacturing and assembly process, especially in terms of the rapid incorporation of revisions or the locating of components in the stocks.

In the end the production, delivery and assembly on schedule depend on the fact that all necessary drawings are correct and reliable and available at the right time. 


Constantly informed through automation

Predefined workflows and mailing lists ensure the automatic submission of drawings and documents to internal and external inspectors, repro services and other parties involved in the project.

So we relive the engineering essentially from a time and thus cost intensive administrative workload.

An overall revision monitoring including the advices of amendment which can be automatically generated online prevent a stagnation in the manufacturing and assembly process.

All drawing movements are documented in the system and can be displayed in their drawing history at any time.

Evaluations on the relevant current planning state can be provided individually.


By means of our web based drawing management and an automatic notification system all parties involved in the project always work with the latest planning state and get a precise overview.  

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